Sikkens Preparation Procedures

New, Weathered, (Uncoated Wood)

The best Method to prepare new cedar is to sand with 60-80 grit sandpaper
for         vertical and horizontal smooth Surfaces. This is the optimal method to
prepare         new cedar decks. Using a orbital sander and always going with the
natural grain.
All deck area are sanded with an orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper, This
is to remove any mill scale that comes for the milling of  new lumber.
Another reason is when a deck has turned gray from weather. Sanding is the
best way to ensure you do not damage the wood fibers. (power washing
tears deep in to the wood structure and should never be used) You will find
that many of our competitor are not willing to take the time and care to sand.
And you will find that they just use chemical cleaners to save time so that
they can make a higher profit.
Penofin Preparation Procedures
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Information from Penofin’s web site
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Why Sand Your Deck ?
Why does my wood need protection?
Wood on the exterior of your home takes quite a beating.  Rain, mildew, mold, and the sun's rays can
quickly destroy the looks and condition of exterior wood.  Constant cycles of temperature varying as much
as 60 degrees in a single day, along with wet/dry cycles will shrink and expand wood, leading to cracking,
finish that resists graying and protects against mildew.

Why is my deck gray?
The gray look on your deck comes as a result of Ultraviolet light.  These UV rays damage the surface of
your wood leaving it dull and gray.  

I have pressure treated lumber.  Isn't that enough?
Pressure treating is a process by which a chemical known as CCA  or ACQis injected into wood.  
Although this typically protects wood from insect decay and rotting, the wood remains vulnerable to many
of the conditions explained above.  

How much will it cost?
Servicing your exterior wood project is much more than simply applying a coat of stain.  We take into
account many variables including age of the wood, previous finishes, plant protection, cleaning
requirements and look for any damaged or unsafe wood.  Although we require an on-site estimate to fully
determine your needs, you may email us for a rough estimate of your project.
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