San Antonio Stain Inc
Welcome to San Antonio Stain Inc, we believe that your deck and fence
are excellent investments and have potential to add great value to your
home. As proud homeowners, we understand your wish to protect and
enrich those wise investments. Our high quality stain and affordable
maintenance is imperative and we would like to extend our services. We
understand that most modern decks are made of water resistant, pressure
treated wood, however, total protection and preservation of your deck
and fence against the elements of nature as well as the inevitably sloppier
elements of humanity is difficult to achieve without the assistance of
San Antonio Stain Inc.

Staining your deck will prevent cracking, splintering and graying; common
issues due to exposure to rain, wind, and sun. Professional staining also
ensures easy clean up; an advantage when faced with messy spills. We
may not be able to prevent particularly sticky ice cream from falling off of
its cone, but we will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your
beautiful wood will not suffer a nasty stain.
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San Antonio Stain Inc is the leading stain company in the San Antonio Area

We are also the only company that has factory trained installers.

We are driven to provide the highest quality of service.

We are one of the only companies that offer a written warranty

We only use the highest quality stains available on the market today.

We provide staining services to most of the deck builders in town
San Antonio Texas 78247
We specialize in
cleaning, sealing,
and restoring all
types of wood
including but not
limited to IPE, red
western cedar,
and pressure
treated pine.