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All deck area are sanded with an orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper,
This is to remove any mill scale that comes for the milling of  new lumber.
Another reason is when a deck has turned gray from weather. Sanding is
the best way to ensure you do not damage the wood fibers. (power washing
tears deep in to the wood structure and should never be used)
We use Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Stain and Seal exclusively. We chose this
product to represent our company as it is widely renowned and boasts the title of
“The World’s Finest Wood Finish.” Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Stain
provides 99% U.V. protection which shields your deck from San Antonio's harsh
Our product
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Deck  staining-  We stain our decks by hand with a brush on handrails and post.  
The floor is stained by using a deck stain pad and then back wiped of any
excesses stain.
All floors are stained with a stain pad that is designed for applying stain to deck
floors . which give you a more even finish.
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